Greatest of the Week: DARIO MARIANELLI

Italian composer Dario Marianelli (born 1963) was relatively unknown, but in 2005 he started to collaborate with British director Joe Wright on his film Pride & Prejudice and became widely recognized. Marianelli’s scores evoke strong emotions by using delicate piano and solo violin, but also some unusual ‘instruments’, such as a typewriter. With his latest score for Wright’s Anna Karenina, he eyes for another Oscar (the first one was for his marvelous music in Atonement) while we now celebrate his nostalgic charm and pure sense of classical music.



1. Atonement (2007, dir: Joe Wright)







2. Anna Karenina (2012, dir: Joe Wright)







3. Jane Eyre (2011, dir: Cary Fukunaga)







4. Pride & Prejudice (2005, dir: Joe Wright)







5. Eat Pray Love (2010, dir: Ryan Murphy)









Dario Marianelli – Atonement (Briony)


Dario Marianelli – Atonement (Elegy for Dunkirk)


Dario Marianelli – Pride & Prejudice (Mr. Darcy)


Dario Marianelli – Anna Karenina (Suite)


Dario Marianelli – Eat Pray Love (It’s Time)


Dario Marianelli – Jane Eyre (Waiting for Mr. Rochester)



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