Music program of the festival (October 26th at cafe Havana in Samobor, Croatia) will host excellent Croatian musical performers. Since the main theme of the first year festival is Film, music and all that jazz, conveniently, program will include great jazz musician, performing the best of jazz on film.

MUSIC PROGRAM October 26th 2013 at cafe Havana:

20:30 Zdenka Kovačiček & Branko Bogunović – PIF

22:30 Damir Kukuruzović Django Group



Zdenka Kovačiček is one of the most popular and respected Croatian jazz rock female singers. She started her career in 1957 in the duet ‘Hani’ and continued with numerous successful performances abroad where she sang with many famous musicians (Bill Haley, The Kinks, INK Spots, etc). In 1970 she returned to Croatia where she pursued her career as a brilliant jazz-rock, blues, gospel and pop singer. She was claimed by rock and jazz fans, her interpretations where considered a recipe for success at blues and soul festivals. She preformed in music theatre in the rock opera “Grička vještica” and musical drama “Love, Janis”. In Trst, Zdenka performed at the “Princeza na zrnu graška”. She worked in the film industry where she synchronized cartoons, sang in awarded “Bird and the worm” and “Kill me gently”. Generally speaking, legendary enthusiasm has always helped her to deal smoothly with most of the concert activities and recording projects she was involved in. Zdenka’s soul response to audiences and producers was her extrovert voice which displayed jazzy articulations of Dinah Washinton, rhythm and blues mannerisms of Etta James , as well as the bold and often risky fireworks of  Janis Joplin.
She collaborated with some of the most famous composers in ex Yugoslavia: Goran Bregović, Kornelije Kovač, Vladimir Delač ,Igor Savin, Miljenko Prohaska and legendary rock groups : Nirvana, Time , YU jazz-rock selection and Telephone Blues Band.
She still prefers club sessions, but performs very often in front of big audiences in arenas, concert halls and stadiums. Zdenka Kovačiček always note that rock is her life, jazz her passion and theatre her big love.



Damir Kukuruzović is a kind of homage to the music of D. Reinhardt and S. Grappellia, the duo that marked the European music of the 20th century, and Kukuruzović himself, Siscia jazz club owner, for many years was regarded as one of the most loyal followers of Django Reinhardt in Croatia. The most famous promoter of French jazz, Kukuruzović’ quartet, performed at all major festivals at home and abroad, promoting the tradition of Django music and jazz. On his album Green Hill Gipsy Swing, he played with French guitarist and violinist Angel Debarreom Loulou Djin. 2009. had a tour called “Parisian wonder naharmonici” with Ludovic Beier, one of the most sought-after jazz accordionists of today. At its musical journey Kukuruzović collaborated with other major names from the world of jazz such as Adrian B. Burns (known for his appearances with Bill Wyman and Rhitam Kings), Raphael Fays (famous gypsy flamenco guitarist).   2011. he had common tour with highly sought manouche musicians from Strassburg, Yourgui Loeffler. He has worked with Zaz (one of the most famous singer in Europe), Wawau Adler, Zoran Predin, Telephone Blues Band, Jasna Bilušić, Soul Fingers, Miro Ungar, Tereza Kesovija and many more. Besides quartet, in his native Sisak 2005. Kukuruzović decided to establish Siscia jazz club of international importance, and an international festival of jazz and blues (Siscia Open Jazz & Blues Festival ) on the banks of the Kupa which have been visited by many of the world’s jazz musicians.


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The mission of the Festival of Film Music (ISFMF) is the promotion and preservation of film music as an irreplaceable element of film which is a great art itself. Also, the mission is to expand awareness among the audience and filmmakers on the importance of original music in film.
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