Due to your countless inquiries, application deadline is now extended!

Composers can submit film music through the ISFMF’s online entry form.

Awards for the best film scores:
Application period will run until September 30th 2015 the latest. The Oscar-winning Artistic Board of the festival will conduct selection of movies for nominations, and the criteria will be determined in relation to the quality and originality of the score. Only films with the production date between January 1st 2014 and June 1st of the current year, will be considered for nominations.

Selection criteria will be as follows:
1.    Movie/Music from the film has to be produced within January 1st 2014 and June 1st 2015;
2.    The sender must fill online entry form, sign printable form and send a CD/DVD/Blu-ray with the film music/score to ISFMF’ address;
3.    Selected films must be in accordance with the categories (feature films – 50 minutes and more, short films – 2 min to 49 min, etc.)
4.    The format in which the movie can be sent is DVD, Blu-ray.

The Crystal Pine Award for best film scores will be awarded in five categories:
1.    Feature Film (Drama) – up to 5 nominations
2.    Feature Film (Comedy/Musical) – up to 5 nominations
3.    Documentary Feature – up to 5 nominations
4.    Animated Feature Film – up to 5 nominations
5.    Short film (live-action, documentary and animated) – up to 10 nominations

Special Crystal Pine Award will be awarded besides these categories for the authors who have composed the best music for the world’s best-known movies in the past year – up to 15 nominations.

Best local young/new composer will receive the Green Pine Award.

Lifetime achievement will be awarded the Golden Pine Award.


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