Greatest of the Week: CLINT EASTWOOD

One of the greatest icons in history of cinema, Clint Eastwood (born 1930) is a director, actor, producer and – composer. He won four Academy Awards (Best Director/Picture for Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby) and is one of the few who can achieve powerful atmosphere by slowly-playing piano, instead of bombastic orchestras. Eastwood is also a respected jazz musician (he directed the film about the famous jazz saxophonist and composer Charlie Parker, named Bird) and, along with his son Kyle Eastwood who is also a jazz musician, he co-wrote many of his compositions.

Eastwood recently said ”Everybody wonders why I continue working at this stage. I keep working because there’s always new stories. And as long as people want me to tell them, I’ll be there doing them.” Clint, we want you to tell us stories for many, many more years.



1. Changeling (2008)

2. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

3. Mystic River (2003)

4. Grace is Gone (2007)

5. J. Edgar (2011)



Clint Eastwood, Jamie Cullum – Gran Torino 


Clint Eastwood – Changeling (End Titles)


Clint Eastwood – Mystic River


Clint Eastwood – Grace is Gone (Enchanted Gardens/Drive to Grandma)


Clint Eastwood – Million Dollar Baby (Blue Morgan)




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