Greatest of the Week: PHILIP GLASS

Eccentric, innovative and ingenious, Philip Glass (born 1937) is one of the most influential American composers, also a very prolific one: he has written works for the musical group which he founded, the Philip Glass Ensemble (with which he still performs on keyboards), operas, musical theater works, ten symphonies, eleven concertos, solo works, chamber music including string quartets and instrumental sonatas, as well as film scores, for which he earned three Oscar nominations.

Glass collaborated with a large number of other artists, including Leonard Cohen, Ravi Shankar, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Paul Simon, Patti Smith and Mick Jagger. This week we celebrate Philip Glass’ musical ability to plunge into the deepest part of human psyche.



1. The Hours (2002, dir: Stephen Daldry)







2. Kundun (1997, dir: Martin Scorsese)







3. Notes on a Scandal (2006, dir: Richard Eyre)







4. Powaqqatsi (1988, dir: Godfrey Reggio)







5. The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara (2003, dir: Errol Morris)









Philip Glass – The Hours (Morning Passages)


Philip Glass – Kundun (Escape to India)


Philip Glass – Notes on a Scandal (Betrayal)


Philip Glass – Powaqqatsi (Anthem)


Philip Glass – The Fog of War (100,000 People)




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