Greatest of the Week: TAN DUN

Tan Dun (born 1957), a Chinese classical composer, widely known for his scores in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo hu cang long) and Hero (Ying Xiong), is also recognized for using non-traditional and organic instruments in his music. His piece Water Passion After St. Matthew employs amplified bowls of water in lieu of traditional percussion, and his Paper Concerto (2003) relies solely on the manipulation of paper to create music. He is also recognized for adding multimedia aspects to his performances, such as orchestras that interact with video, or audience participation.

Tan Dun’s adaptation of the Chinese folk song Molihua (meaning Jasmine Flower), which he co-authored with Wang Hesheng, was played before, during and after each of the 302 medal ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

This week we celebrate Tan Dun’s mesmerizing sense of iconic bond between Nature and Man.

Tan Dun – ”Hero theme”


Tan Dun – ”Hero: Yearning for Peace”


Tan Dun – ”Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”/”Wo hu can long”


Tan Dun -”Molihua” (Beijng Olympics 2008)


Tan Dun – ”Internet Symphony” – The YouTube Orchestra




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