International Sound & Film Music Festival | Samobor, Croatia | October 2022


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Samobor is situated 20 km from Zagreb, on the slopes of the Samobor hills. The town is a gem of Baroque architecture, and is the most popular excursion destination for Zagreb residents, who pay visits to enjoy its charm, natural beauty, museums, restaurants and excursion sites. Discover how to reach Samobor here.

Accommodation in Samobor

Hotel Livadic is a smart and charming hotel on the town’s main square with its own restaurant and pleasant terrace area. Hotel Lavica is another hotel in an excellent location. Samobor Hostel offers beds in 2, 4, 6 or 10-person rooms. For something a little different, you can stay in a mountain hut such as the Etno Kuca pod Okicem which is located close to Samobor Highlands Nature Park. You can also stay in private rooms, apartments and houses in the region. Learn more about accommodation in Samobor here.

Samobor – a town of gourmet tradition

Slowly, but surely, Samobor has gained the reputation of an important Croatian and regional gourmet destination. There is hardly any tourist or visitor to Samobor who has left without trying a kremšnita (a custard slice) and homemade specialties, asking for the local salami, češnofka (a garlic-flavoured sausage), muštarda (a grape mustard sauce), having a glass of bermet (a red wine, fruit and herbs aperitif) or eating a krafna (a jam doughnut) during shrove-tide. They can go a step further in their adventure and try some delicacies by Samobor caterers who incorporated rich local flora and fauna, especially medicinal herbs, mushrooms, game and fish into their recipes.

Samobor has so much to offer: gastronomy, attractions, tours and experiences. Discover Samobor at ISFMF in 2022.

While your stay in Samobor don’t miss: Kavana Livadic, Havana Bar, Bermet Philipetz, Perkovic, Srceko, Croshka tours.




International Sound & Film Music Festival | Pula, Croatia | July 2022


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Accommodation during the festival

Accommodation is provided by ISFMF partners: Arena Hospitality Group, hotel Park Plaza Histria and Ribarska koliba Resort. ISFMF provides special discount codes for bookings made at hotel Park Plaza Histria & Ribarska koliba Resort.

Few tips and useful information

The ISFMF festival takes place in the conference center of Hotel Park Plaza Histra, Pula. The hotel is situated in the Verudela Bay, with a beautiful view on the Adriatic sea. The hotel is 13 km distant from the Pula Airport, 6 km distant from Pula Bus station and 7 km distant from Pula Train station.

Buses run between the city centre and Verudela Bay every 20 minutes. Fare is approximately €1.40 per person. More information about the city transportation system can be found on the Pulapromet website.

Shuttle bus transportation connects Pula airport with Verudela Bay and Pula main Bus station, beside other destinations. More information are provided on Airport Pula web site.

Pula has so much to offer to you! If you want to experience the trip to Pula to the max, you have plenty of great places to visit like: Pula Amphitheater and Forum, House of Istrian olive oil, Kumparicka – eco goat farm

Also, if you have the chance to go for some tastings of local products, don’t miss: Agrolaguna wines, Damjanić wines, Trapan wines, Oio Vivo, Rheos olive oil, La Puntulina Restaurant, Restaurant Ribarska Koliba, Konoba Bušćina.