ISFMF announces the special guests at Samobor 2022 edition, 7 – 9 October

The second part of the festival’s anniversary is celebrated from October 7 to 9, from Friday to Sunday, in the place where it all began – Samobor. The picturesque town, the most beautiful pearl of continental Croatia, will thus host the festival and its top program and guests.

Even two Oscar winners grace the guest list: composer and director Stephen Warbeck (who won an Oscar for music in the film Shakespeare in Love) and superb character actor Ciarán Hinds (nominated for an Oscar this year for his role in Belfast, also starred in films such as Munich, Harry Potter, There Will Be Blood, Road to Perdition, Justice League, TV show The Terror…). In addition to them, one of the most famous and best French pianists in general, Jean-Michel Bernard, will perform a concert with film music and, especially, the music of our greatest composer Alfi Kabiljo, who will be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. The musical part of the program will be joined by artistic director and composer Ozren K. Glaser, singer-songwriter Elis Lovrić and others.

The presenters of the two festive evenings will be Elis Lovrić herself, as well as Jana Haluza, who is also one of the most famous music presenters in Croatia.

Considering that different arts often go hand in hand, the ISFMF will also present the symbiosis of music and painting – through the vision of colors on the canvas of the painter Žana Bajić, and with the musical performance of the singer Nera Stipičević, known under the stage name FreeDA Nera Immortelle, and Ozren K. Glaser.


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The mission of the festival of film music ISFMF is the promotion and preservation of film music as an irreplaceable element of cinematography which is a great art itself. Also, the mission is to expand awareness among the audience and filmmakers on the importance of original music in film.
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