James Horner, one of the greatest composers in history of cinema, will be awarded a special Golden Pine Award for his unprecedented work and talent which inspired a vast number of other composers and artists all over the world. He received numerous awards during his life and career, including two Academy Awards for his work on James Cameron’s Titanic. Other Horner’s works include over hundred film scores, such as Star Trek, Aliens, Legends of the Fall, Iris, The Perfect Storm, Avatar, The House of Sand and Fog, A Beautiful Mind and many others. Horner was one the rare composers completely dedicated to their work, academically educated with incredible ability to create such colorful and rich scores with beautiful memorable themes.

The Board of the ISFMF is proud to express gratitude and recognition by awarding lifetime achievement of our dear James Horner.

The Titanic Suite (Hollywood in Vienna)



Ozren K. Glaser

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