With establishing the International Sound & Film Music Festival in Croatia 6 years ago we tend to oversee the educational, cultural, professional and promotional aspects involved in the art of film music and soundtracks.
By creating an annual award show, the ISFMF is honouring one of the most important aspect of the film industry: the music. Composers can get nominated in different categories, ranging from Best Original Score for Feature Film, Documentary, Short (live-action, documentary and animated) to Best Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.
Our Board consist of Oscar-winning artists, producers, publicists and other eminent industry professionals, including Richard King (Dunkirk, Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight…), Michael Minkler (Beauty and the Beast, Black Hawk Down, Chicago…), Randy Thom (The Incredibles, The Revenant, The Polar Express…), Beth Krakower (The Krakower Group), Robert Townson (Varèse Sarabande), Jaco van Dormael (Mr. Nobody…), Kyle Eastwood (Million Dollar Baby, Letters From Iwo Jima, Mystic River...) and others.
Our Academy actively contributes to the study of this form of art organizing film music seminars, workshops, master classes, panels and other industry activities.
The ISFMF has also formed a partnership with ECSA (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance) in order to promote the film music and European composers even more and by creating European Film Composer Awards with categories in orchestral score, electro-acoustical score, TV series score and video game score.
Benefits of the ISFMF Academy Membership
Thanks to your support we can extend our activities in order to support the international film music sector.
As a voting member you are given the great opportunity to vote for one of the most important film music awards: Special Crystal Pine Award for Best Original Score in a Feature Film and Special Crystal Pine Award for Best Song/Soundtrack.
As a voting member you receive a free VIP Industry Professional accreditation for the entire ISFMF festival in October.
As a voting member you receive an additional discount for the hotel accommodation in the festival’s partner hotels.
As a voting member you receive an additional discount for film music concerts during the year.
As a voting member you have access to an international network of Film and Music Professionals.
A regular newsletter will inform you about the latest news within the international film music sector and will highlight updates about our members.

How to become a member?
Voting Membership is open to film music composers and to executives active in the film or film music business, such as filmmakers, agents, managers, producers, publicists, etc. Join by following two steps:
1. Complete the application form at the end of this page
2. If your application gets approved and after you receive the confirmation, you have to pay a yearly membership fee:
  • 120,00* EUR for Industry Professionals
  • 100,00* EUR for Composers
*If you join the Academy by May 31, you’ll pay the reduced fee of 80 EUR for Composers and 100 EUR for Industry Professionals. If you are a previous ISFMF nominee or winner, you get additional 10% discount.
All candidate members should supply a full biography that proves their active involvement in the film music profession, i.e. as a film composer or film music executive, to the following address: 
 The ISFMF Academy accepts new voting member applications from January 1 until August 31 each year.
NOTEThe number of voting members is limited!
Apply now by filling this form!
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