Alfons Karabuda is a Swedish composer, president of European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA), member of the executive board at International Music Council (IMC), CEO of the Swedish Performing Rights Society and executive chairman of the Swedish Association of Composers, Songwriters & Lyricists. Karabuda has also, as EU cultural politics personality, part of producing the fist ever UNHRC report on artistic rights in 2013. He has been a driving force in European-American collaboration between ESCA and Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) which has focused on the global issue of artistic rights, free speech and authors’ rights.



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The mission of the festival of film music ISFMF is the promotion and preservation of film music as an irreplaceable element of cinematography which is a great art itself. Also, the mission is to expand awareness among the audience and filmmakers on the importance of original music in film.
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